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  Data Communication and Infographics Basics Workshop for Data Providers

Press Release #S001-17
Palikir, Pohnpei - Dept of R and D
March 3, 2017

Data Communications and Infographics Basics Workshop for Data Providers

In the week of 20-24 February 2017, 13 employees from the national government participated in the Data Communications and Infographics Basics Workshop at the Central Facility at the government complex in Palikir.  The participants represented the Department of Education, Department of Justice, Department of Resources and Development, and NORMA.

The objective of the workshop was to teach participants how to turn complex information and data into infographics (pictorial presentation of the data) for a wider dissemination, with a primary focus on Household Income and Expenditure (HIES) based statistics. The training targeted data producers or providers and was specifically designed for National Statistical Offices communicators.  

During the workshop, the participants learned: how to think about data and the visual communication of data; how to conceptualize an infographic that reinforces their message; and how to make their inforgraphic-design easily understood by a wider audience.

“The whole point of the exercise really is to enable robust ‘evidence-based’ decision making or policy formulation. When information is presented in an easy to understand manner, and infographics do that in a dynamic way, it has higher chance of being utilized in high-level decision making processes, and thus to improving our citizens’ lives”, said the Assistant Secretary for Statistics, Ms. Brihmer Johnson.

The workshop was organized by the Statistics for Development Division (SDD) of the Pacific Community (SPC) in Noumea and the Statistics Division of the Department of Resources and Development (DRD). It was a follow-up to the HIES Data Analysis Workshop conducted in September last year, at which time the participants learned basic data analysis skills, brainstormed on concepts for infographics to convey key messaged relevant to their program areas. This workshop provided the participants the opportunity to transform these ideas into infographics, with the guidance of Infographics Expert, Ms. Gaelle Le Galle.

Mr. David Syne, IT Manager from the Education Department said “infographics is very interesting and relevant to my work. I’m excited to begin using this tool and sharing the education ‘story’. It would get the message across easily, and in an eye-pleasing manner too”.

By the end of the workshop the participants were able to produce 20 posters. The final versions will be availed to the public upon completion of data checks and validation process. To view a sample poster click here.

For further information, please contact the Division of Statistics, Department of Resources & Development at (691) 320 2646/5133/2620 or email:

  HIES 2013 Report (Press Release # S002-15)

HIES 2013 Report
Federated States of Micronesia

Survey Results Indicated 2 Out of Every 3 FSM Households Struggles to Make Ends Meet

Press Release #S002-15
Palikir, Pohnpei - Office of SBOC
May 15, 2015

According to the latest publication released from the FSM Statistics Office entitled Household Income and Expenditure Survey (HIES) 2013/14: Main Analysis Report, about 63% (2 out of every 3) of households in the FSM in 2013/14 incurred dissaving; in other words, their expenditure is more than their income. These are typically households whose annual income is below $15,000.

Comparison of average annual total income and expenditure by income groups – including imputed rents (US$)

Additionally, in 2014 prices, average monthly household disposable income has declined from $1,433 to $1,092 indicating a 3.3% loss of purchasing power each year for FSM households since 2005... Read More>>>

Finer discussions on these highlights are elaborated in the report which can be downloaded here.

  Quick Facts
Population Estimates - 2010 (Census)
FSM: Male52,193
FSM: Female50,650
Yap: Male5,635
Yap: Female5,742
Chuuk: Male24,835
Chuuk: Female23,819
Pohnpei: Male18,370
Pohnpei: Female17,825
Kosrae: Male3,352
Kosrae: Female3,264

Merchandise Trades (US$'000) - 2013
FSM: Import187,692
Yap: Imports29,021
Chuuk: Imports54,804
Pohnpei: Imports87,645
Kosrae: Imports16,222
FSM Exports: Total34,618
FSM Exports: Agricultural produce4,040
FSM Exports: Marine products23,137
FSM Exports: Other products495

Student Enrolment - SY11-12
Primary: Male11,747
Primary: Female11,172
Secondary: Male3,546
Secondary: Female3,706

GDP Estimates, Real (US$million) - 2012

CPI Annual Inflation Rates - Q4 2014 to Q4 2015
Dec-14 0.9
Mar-15 -0.5
Jun-15 -0.7
Sep-15 -1.0
Dec-15 -0.9

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