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Date      Textual date (i.e. FY 20001, 2nd Qrtr 2012)
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Date      Textual date (i.e. FY 2001, 2nd Qrtr 2012)
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Note on date format ( m/d/YYYY ):
     - 1/1/2012 - means the Annual Report dataset
     - 3/1/2012 - means the Quarterly Report dataset
     - 1/1/1970 - means non-time series dataset

     - for annual reports month and day should always be Jan 1 ( 1/1/YEAR)
     - for quarterly reports month should be by quarter and day is 1 ( 6/1/YEAR)
     - for non-time series report date should always be ( 1/1/1970)
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